Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Professional Wedding Video

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

1. It captures your day more accurately and movingly than photographs.

Couples often don’t think twice about investing significant money into hiring a professional photographer to capture their day. However, videography preserves life’s most precious moments as they actually happened. A photograph cannot capture how your guests laughed when you tried to wipe off the lipstick smudge on your new spouse’s cheek after the first kiss. When your father raises his glass and delivers a speech that leaves you in tears, do you want his words to fade to a memory or do you want them immortalized for years to come? Is it enough to have pictures of your first dance or do you want to hear the music that went with it? Wedding videography captures both the sights and sounds of the day, providing a more accurate and touching portrait of your wedding day.

2. It becomes a lasting family heirloom.

Besides the rings and the photographs, the wedding video is one of only three things most couples have left in order to remember the day once it has passed. When you shop for a florist or a caterer, you are shopping for an event. When you shop for a videographer, you’re shopping for a product that will preserve the event and last far into the future. A wedding video becomes a treasured family heirloom, a cherished momento you’ll watch again and again. The first viewing, snuggling with your new spouse, is truly a special experience, as you relive the day as it actually happened, seeing your first kiss, hearing how your voice broke during the vows, etc. It allows you to share your special day with people who weren’t present or weren’t even born yet! It’s a gift to you and to your future children as a record of a key moment in your family’s history.

3. It reveals to you what you missed on your special day.

A videographer will record more of your wedding day than you could possibly experience firsthand. You’ve put so much effort into planning this event and yet you will likely be too busy and overwhelmed to notice more than a fraction of its fleeting moments. A wedding video shows you more of how your guests experienced the day as well as your spouse as they were preparing for the ceremony.

4. It’s your chance to star in a unique piece of cinematic art.

In the hands of a professional videographer, your wedding video becomes a masterful cinematic experience, featuring you! It doesn’t simply record the events of the day. Rather your videographer will pore over the raw footage and use it to create a timeless piece of art that tells your personal love story. You’ve invested so much of your time, money, heart and soul into ensuring that the day is unforgettable. Asking a friend to videotape your wedding might be a heart-breaking disappointment should you discover that the technical demands of the event were too challenging, as the footage of non-professionals is often shaky, the lighting poor, the vows too quiet to be heard, key moments are missed, etc. You only get one chance to be sure that all the beauty, love and laughter of your day are immortalized.

5. Learn from others’ mistakes and invest in a professional video!

According to a 2005 survey by the Wedding and Event Videographers Association International, 98% of newlyweds recommend having the wedding videotaped and while only 52% considered a video a top priority before the wedding, after the wedding 75% realized that it should be a top priority, precisely because it becomes the best way to relive the excitement and joy of the day. The flowers will wither, the leftover cake will be eaten, the rented hall or tent cease to be yours, the caterers will wash the dishes, the empty crate of drinks would be returned, the decorations would be pulled down, the wedding gown to be worn no more, but the wedding video will remain, and you’ll be grateful you invested in it.

  1. kikinanya says:

    Totally agree…dats an aspect the white folks beat us hands dwn..dey usually have loads of vids frm generations past dt r still cherishd cos of those special moments like a baby’s first walk, birthdays, weddings, days of delivery etc. Derz a limit to wch pics can go but vids? They gv a whole dfrent perspective.
    Glad my sis nd fiance are having a professional videographer hired for their upcoming wedding…one of d best decisions for dat memorable day.
    Awesome piece 🙂

    • ralphdee says:

      Thank @kikinanya, and u r right- the western world dont joke with video taping special moments, cos its just priceless. We r getting there slowly tho… people are beginning to see the essence 🙂

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