Videography and Photography What a Huge Difference!

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Videography and Photography – they sound alike, don’t they? But getting a combo service isn’t like adding “fries with that.” The two disciplines are very very different. Things are defined by their purpose – not their components, so just because we look alike, that doesn’t make us interchangeable. We are as different as East & West, day & night … bride & groom!

Videography Tells a Story in 4-Dimensional Space-Time
Movie cameras record 24+ frames per second with sound. Movies wants action, action and more action! We expect life to move fast and we position ourselves and frame shots to capitalize on that movement. The purpose of video is to tell a story and a videographer is always thinking of how actions and relationships connect to one another in a continuous story line. Context! Each shot needs to make sense in context with the whole program.

Photography Freezes an Instant in 2-Dimensional Space
Every time a photographer snaps a picture, he takes a live event out of time & space and drops it into eternity – frozen forever! You can watch it all day long and it will never move or speak again. Photography is meditative and stylish and each picture stands silent and alone; without any need for context. It doesn’t have to make any sense because it isn’t a story.
In the movies we say, “stand by, action!” but in photography they say, “hold that pose, don’t move!” Do you see the difference? It is ironic that photographers (not videographers) are the ones running around the most at your wedding because they have to hurry over and get to the right spot to snap your picture before you move. Here’s a jaw-dropping example. Videographers are just the opposite! We stand still while you move around us.

Having a camera that takes both stills and HD video footage is no more spectacular than owning a car that go backwards and forwards. You can’t do both at the same time. More than this, it is physiologically impossible for a person to think, plan and shoot a movie AND think, plan and snap stills at the same time. The videographer inside him says “action!” and the photographer inside him says “don’t move!” A photographer who tries to split his personality by promising both will always end up favoring his first love (photography) and you will end up with a series of meaningless video clips of pretty things instead of a touching story about people and relationships.

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