Hey folks, so here it is, after many weeks of production process with the crew of AVF (Audio Visual First) & the south African crew, we landed here. it was an experience for us here. Watch our for the 3mins version as well. Enjoy and leave your comments.
Ralph dee

  1. 'Debola says:

    An Incredible Work as Usual… This isn’t an abuse on our intelligence unlike the dumb ones we get to see. Best Glo advert I’ve seen in a while if I must add. It challenges the mind positively and I look forward to seein more from you. Nice work Ralph

  2. babe says:

    The concept and quality of the advert is top-notch. However, I got lost or better still confused on who was saying wot at a time. I thinlk the artists were just too many, maybe a few at a time would have done magic.

    • ralphdee says:

      Like I said. Its a chopdown version…. However 3more versions will be out this week showcasing 2 artiste each. However I understand your point Nora.

  3. Tayo says:

    i like it. keep it all

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